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  • 03-23 02:56 get exe file name

           Dim directory_ As String = "C:\WINDOWS\system32\"         For Ea
  • 03-22 07:35 Client (and Server) Sockets Communication

    Creating Socket   The first step in the process is creating the socket by instantiating an instance of the Socket class, which is shown here:
  • 03-20 23:36 socket

    The Early Solution: The native Windows Winsock APIs introduced a new feature in Vista called Dual Mode sockets ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-u
  • 11-13 16:27 三角形英文說法

    acute angled triangle acute-angle triangle, acute triangle acute-angled triangle oxygon 等角三角形 :    e
  • 11-11 04:18 討厭的谷歌瀏覽器privacy

    防止古歌跳轉地區頁面 打 網址 www.google.com.ncr ncr是沒有國家轉向的意思 並將它設為首頁 右上角  settings 選 appearance show h

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